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Tilliers Full Regiment at Glynde

Why not come and give it a go? You may find a great hobby and a great cause.

The most important thing is to find the regiment with the right kind of people for you. It’s a tough one without meeting the people. So contact us and let’s arrange to meet up locally for a chat! We have a broad range of backgrounds and a good mix of youth and experience.

With such a proud history we have high standards to live up to on the field as a re-enactment unit if we are to commemorate those who did fight in the wars. We aim to be the best we can be. Off field we organise a full calendar of events and have an active social scene with banquets, war walks, and regular pub meets and have a reputation within the Sealed Knot for hosting excellent well-run and interesting events. This includes building two miles of earthworks, campaigning across country and fighting over the largest sand-castle in the world.

Today the Regiment is mainly based around Bristol, Bath, Weston-super-Mare and Hampshire. However this is changing all the time and our membership is spread from Aberdeenshire, Northumberland, South Wales, to Nottingham, Devon and Kent.

Most of our members take the field in some role whether as pike, musket, drum or non-combatant all play an important part in the show. The Sealed Knot Medical Service also takes volunteers, who possess the appropriate qualifications, from the regiments to help them out on busy weekends. As new members you are welcome to try any or all of these to see which you might prefer to do in the long run. See below to find out more about the different roles.


The Pike is a wooden shaft approximately 12 feet long, working as a block our pikemen engage at 'point' where the idea is to score a 'hit' against your opponent, and at 'push' to drive back the opposing block. Historically the pike was always used in a block and at the start of the war were around 16 feet in length, our pikes are shorter to reflect the soldiers often cutting down the pikes for firewood and to make them easier to carry.

The pike also work together to protect their army from cavalry, they do this by forming a large circle around the army and lowering their pikes, to form a 'hedgehog' of cover.


Point of Pike
pike push


The musket is single barreled and smooth-bored, generally we use matchlock muskets which use a piece of burning match-cord to trigger the charge, though some members use a flintlock type. We load the muskets exactly like they would have done in the civil war, except we don't add the lead shot!

To fire the matchlock, gunpowder is poured into the pan and then the burning matchcord is pressed into a metal trigger known as the serpent. When the gun is fired the lit cord in the serpent is pulled down into the pan and lights the gunpowder. The flame from this charge then enters the barrel of the gun and ignites the powder that had been poured into it and the wadding is blown from the end of the barrel.

To fire muskets on the battlefield you require a number of licenses and you must pass a musket test, it usually takes between 1-2 seasons to train to fire, though this depends on how many events you can make.




This is a non-combatant role and as a Civilian you have the opportunity to participate in the battles or not. By participating you are a non-combatant soldier supporting the pike and musket blocks on the battlefield. This is a crucial role as both the pike and musket blocks are reliant on your support, which, in turn, ensures that the Regiment performs well and has a great time.

There are also a number of roles within the Sealed Knot that are key roles and may interest you. These include the commentary team, living history and/or the medics who provide first aid support on and off the battlefield.

Non-participants are persons who choose not to take part in battles and come along to enjoy the social aspect of Regimental life and/or in support of their families.

Tilliers Civilians
Tilliers Civilians

Most of the excellent pictures on this site are taken by the Sealed Knot's own Rusty Aldwinckle, please check out her site here.

image credits: Steve Dury, Rusty Aldwinckle, John Beardsworth and other members of the Sealed Knot